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Driving In The Dark

There's no doubt that driving at night is more dangerous. A Department for Transport study revealed that although only 15 per cent of vehicle miles are clocked between 7pm and 7am, they account for almost a third of road injuries and deaths. The main reason for an increase in traffic accidents
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Is There Need For Speed?

Despite the dangers of speeding regularly appearing through various road safety campaigns – head turning statistics, heart-wrenching TV adverts and even shocking road signs, some drivers continue to push the boundaries of speed restrictions in an effort to reach their destination quicker. This is evident in the number of speeding fines,
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Understanding your Digital Tachograph

Almost 20% of all road traffic accidents are sleep related, many of them occurring on high speed roads. When tired, driving ability decreases dramatically; reaction time slows and judgement becomes blurred. Despite this, figures have shown shocking statistics; 37% of people who use cars, vans or lorries have admitted to driving
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