Monthly Archives : January 2015


New Year, New Rules

As we settle into the New Year, 2015 is expected to see changes in legalisation, licensing and roads.  Therefore, to help ease you in gently, we have rounded up the most important new legalisations set to come into place throughout the year, ensuring we all drive safer and remain legally compliant in 2015

1. Say goodbye to your paper license

Originally set for abolishment in January, the DVLA has now confirmed that the withdrawal of the driving licence counterpart will now happen in June 2015. As handy as it is not safeguarding a piece of paper, the FTA has raised concerns regarding the replacement system as it will heavily rely on drivers providing the information and has rejected it as being unsuitable. The DVLA commented; “Focus continues to be on bringing on technical solutions that provide up to date, fit for purpose alternatives to the paper counterpart and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the FTA on the developments.”

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