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Is There Need For Speed?

Despite the dangers of speeding regularly appearing through various road safety campaigns – head turning statistics, heart-wrenching TV adverts and even shocking road signs, some drivers continue to push the boundaries of speed restrictions in an effort to reach their destination quicker.

This is evident in the number of speeding fines, which is increasing year on year, with more than 115,000 motorists fined in 2013. However, figures from THINK! presents another shocking, but realistic statistic – speed is a main factor in all fatal accidents.

It’s public knowledge that speeding is both dangerous and illegal, so why do some drivers continue to risk both their lives and others?

Research conducted by the AA Foundation found that, although speeding is widespread, drivers aged 17-24 drive the fastest with males more likely to speed than women. There is a growing concern that speeding is now largely accepted as a ‘social norm’ and perhaps even considered to be a ‘trend’. Unbelievably, a survey conducted by THINK! found that 82% of people believe littering to be unacceptable behaviour, whereas only 71% discouraged driving at 40mph in a 30mph zone. Despite 30 zones being situated in well – populated areas, such as schools and housing estates, 50% of drivers break the 30mph speed limit.

As well as lateness, drivers exceed the limit for a number of reasons; their car is newer and faster, they are unaware of the speed limit and some motorist speed because they think it is unlikely they’ll get caught. With the minimum fine starting at £100 and three penalty points added to your driving license plus stricter punishments for those travelling at higher speeds, is it really worth the risk?

Domestic drivers often forget that limits are maximum’s, not minimum’s, and often, depending on the weather conditions, it may not be safe to travel at the maximum speed. Drivers should always allow enough time and space to slow or stop for unexpected situations and if you are running late for something, ring ahead so that the drive isn’t rushed.

At Drivers Direct, we believe it is crucial to follow the guidance of speed limits and all driving laws. The core purpose of speed limits is simply to help keep all motorists and pedestrians safe. Our drivers are trained to follow road legislation which in turn helps provide our clients with an efficient service, as well as keeping other road users safe.

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