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When’s The Best Time To Apply For A Role In Logistics?

If you are just starting your career or looking to change paths, logistics could be the next step in your career progression. Depending on your situation, or stage in life or work you may be thinking about when is the best time to apply for a role in logistics?

We want to shed a light on a logistics career and that no matter the experience or situation, the timing is always right for starting a role in logistics.

First of all, there are many things to love about working in the logistics industry! As an industry it employs over 2.5 million people and is a constantly growing thanks to a huge boost in online retail and evolving customer expectations. The earning potential within a logistics role can be upwards of £30,000 with many added bonuses!

With many more benefits to working within the industry, staring a role within logistics could be the best move for you.

So, when is the best time to apply?

After education

If you are just finishing education, a role in logistics could be your next step! Many students leave school ready to travel the world, but in this current financial climate that can be less achievable for some. With a logistics role, you can travel the world and earn money whilst driving. Branching into a role like this can also develop your skills in a number of areas that you wouldn’t experience in other jobs. These skills can then be transferable into different areas of a logistics role, or further afield.

Later in life

You may feel the need for change at some stage in your life, and that’s completely normal. However, may feel daunting starting fresh at a late stage in life. Luckily in logistics, the industry is always looking for mature people with experience to enter the role. With many years of experience in other areas of work, you are already ahead with the skills you can bring to your new role, which are also very valuable to the industry.

A change of pace

Being in a job for many years can become tedious, and there’s no shame in looking for new opportunities. A role in logistics can bring a new wealth of excitement into your working life! With great travel opportunities within HGV driving, you can explore places you may have never seen. Specifically for HGV driving, you have a great freedom when it comes to being on the open road. There’s no office politics to deal with! You can relax in your own environment and concentrate on your own tasks at hand.

No matter your age or situation, there’s never a wrong time to apply for a role in logistics. The industry is flourishing, with thousands of people being employed every year. Within logistics there will never be a shortage of work which ensures you have good job security.  No matter how advanced technology gets, good, qualified drivers will always be in demand. 

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